Another Great Thrift Store Day!!!

My lovely hand embroidered .50 cent bird.!

Look @ this Loot... I must have found 10 piles of lace, for 10 cents a bag. 3 bags were purchased!I brought it home, washed it by hand and hung it outside to dry...It is beautiful.. Lots of seam binding in Cindy's tin, buttons on their cards...They were in dusty plastic bags stapled shut, so that took some time to get them all out and wiped off.

Reams of pink and turquoise trim, and you know every girl needs a ton of this trim.

Old soda fountain glass (.50 cents) which I filled with some of my found buttons. I found a huge fabric panel for $1.00 behind the glass which I washed, ripped apart and will be a cover for a new journal I am making today.
It was a totally happy day!!!

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Happy Day Lady said...

WOWZERS! I think the sweet little birdie is singin' cuz she's happy to be in your lovely home!
You are a power shopper/thrifter! And look! so many of your favorite colors too!