I love birds!!

At home in my studio at Westbank, I have a row of bird related things.
My Mom found this wonderful bird's nest that was all made out of horsehair that had been woven around a stick. She gave that nest to me. I have several other nests that I have found and little eggs that I painted to look like the real thing.

This year I am on the look out for small pictures of birds that I can use in the jewellery trays that I am learning to make. My ability to draw them have fallen short of even being cute, but I do appreciate them coming to the flowers in my garden. Especially the hummingbirds which provide endless delight!
For now, I will be content with that.


Have you ever observed a humming-bird moving about in an aerial dance among the flowers - a living prismatic gem.... it is a creature of such fairy-like loveliness as to mock all description.

W.H. Hudson


hippo chick said...


~hippo hugs~

Happy Day Lady said...

Ahhhhhhhh spring, in all its glory!
Hum wee hummingbirds hum!
and flit and fly dazzling your colors and acrobatics in the sky!

Happy Day dynamic Dagmar! :)