Oh what a happy day it is when I get my Magazines in the mail. Magazines are like memories for me, I try to remember where I saw this before.
(Cindy feels this way as well)
I get Martha Stewart by subscription and Somerset I pick up at the book store. They have so many different publications, it is a joy to find a new one to feed my creative spirit.
"Art from the Heart" is from a different publisher, looks like a book, only it is soft covered. It has alredy got me thinking of some new projects that look really interesting.
Today is a day at home getting things in order for our last couple of weeks here.
Christa, I hope you won't need your dogs and dog sled in Calgary too much longer!! I really felt for you this morning!!
Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us.
~Oscar Wilde,

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Happy Day Lady said...

Ah yes, tikme to start preparing for the Canadian spring and summer eh? ( I threw the "eh" in there on purpose) ha ha
Love the eggies on the tree!
Thankfully Spring has sprung here in the North.
Cool mornings, but sunny, and by afternoon quite "warm" relatively speaking. That's good cuz in the last few weeks my crocuses and daffs have become very "season" confused!!!