Soldering 101

Here I am with Beth Quinn trying to learn how to solder...What fun, and you can see that I need allot of practice. It is harder to make the solder flow evenly, but I know with practice, I can do this...the question is, how many necklaces do I need or can I give as gifts..only time will tell.

Thanks Beth, for the fun filled class..I really enjoyed it.

I came home and attended the Ya Ya's 2nd annual Bean Bag Block Party Tournament!! Fun, Sun, Food and meeting up with old and new neighbours.. Good times were had!!


Happy Day Lady said...

How F U N is this day you have journalled! WOWZERS~ and say - is that a new haircut I see you sporting? looks good
Ya know if you make too many necklaces I'll buy some!
Thank you Felix Muller, for your great invention of solder. We salute you. (salute)
Happy Week beautiful lady!

Beth Quinn said...

hi dagmar !!! it was such fun having you in my class !! so glad you got to come and I can't wait to see you again !! Your creations are wonderful, the lumps and bumps make them one of a kind,just remember that !!
have a wonderful week,