Tempe Art Festival.....

Dog friendly art festival with lots of watering holes for man and beast!!

Check out these sweet looking ceramics. Taken for Cindy

Paintings and photographs for sale.

Caroline, the Art Work would just make you grab your paint brush right year!

Metal Art. (taken for Ya Ya Sue)
It was a lovely, really warm day enjoyed with the Ya Ya's. This festival was voted to be in the top 25 festivals in the USA. Bigger than both Fountain Hills and Tubac.
I bought a great fountain that I will post tomorrow.
Today we are off the the final day of the LPGA golf at Papago Golf course. Sue has kindly agreed to feed the "Cookster" and let her out while we are away for the day...Thank you Sue

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Happy Day Lady said...

Just love your pics! It's like we are there :)
Those little puppy dudes are TOO CUTE!!
(don't tell Gracie) :)