Beofre and After...Organized!!

The newly organized craft room
It has always been sort of organized but since I came home and just put my stuff in it, it needed a new fresh approach...not that I did lots of throwing out, it is just that I organized it better.
Loving it, have a few more pictures to put up and then I am done...
Who wants to come and craft with me...anyone?
(just click on the photo and it will show the details.)


hippo chick said...

Wow! You have been busy. I love your room. We are still in the talking stages of what to do with my room. It is just plain awful. We thought we would get at it as soon as we arrived home, but Jim's hand is not at all good. He sees the neurologist tomorrow and then we'll see what lies ahead.

I will definitely show him the pictures of your room.

~hippo hugs~

Oh yes, it is just plain ugly here today. About 50 degrees and rainy. Cold and yukky. I miss my desert sun.

Happy Day Lady said...

Hi Dagmar! W O W Z E R S !!! Faaaaaaantastic!
And I have been in your beautiful craftroom - however your spruce up is spectacular - neat lighting on the photo too. You betcha I'll take ya up on your crafting offer asap!
Soaking up all that greatness is a really, really good idea! :O)