Pearl Queen...

Cindy treated for lunch both days and yesterday when we went out, we were laughing about the amount of pearls I was wearing. I bought a few more stands of pearls and if you can imagine, she called me Many Pearls the Shamless Hussy...
I ask you, can a girl have too many pearl necklaces?

Her wrist is feeling better and it was good timing that she came when she did as it not impede her ability to shop.
Her Toyoto Rav 4 was loaded down with flea market finds, a concert fountain, 1/2 a wine barrel, plants...etc. She was good for the economy.

We have been best friends since 1977.

Some of the flea market finds.


hippo chick said...

Look at you, Pearl Queen. What fun you and Cindy had. Old friends are the best, aren't they? 'Tho I must admit I'm really enjoying my new blog friends too.

Have fun in Vancouver.

~hippo hugs~

rebecca said...

no way, you can't have too many pearls. the more, the prettier! :)

Happy Day Lady said...

Ms. Dagmar Pearl! You look sensational!!!
Truly! You are just glowing (and it is not just the pearls!)