Rain...Leaving Las Vegas

We woke up to a sound we haven't heard for months, RAIN and it is pouring. When Jim took Cookie out this morning, she was quite stunned that she got wet and turned around really quickly to come back into the room....
On the road to Reno today, all roads that Jim and I haven't yet travelled on...a new adventure.

rain photo by: findstuff2


Happy Day Lady said...

R A I N ! (that's SO cute about Cookie!)
cool that you are travelling a different route eh?
Continued blessings of safety and happy return - God and His angels are travelling with you.
Happy Easter Saturday!

hippo chick said...

We didn't have a drop of rain in Henderson where we live. Can you believe that? I think just certain parts of the valley got rain. We drove through a "little" rain shower on the way over to Brian & Gretchen's. We will stay here tonight and tomorrow and then be on the road early Monday.

As I've already mentioned in my email, how silly that we didn't get together last night.

~hippo hugs~