Cookie and a DQ moment...

"This is heaven" says Cookie as she is enjoying her DQ ice cream.

It was a beautiful evening yesterday. We took Cookie on the golf cart and drove around our neighbourhood and after that headed to the Dairy Queen for the first ice cream of the season.
When we still had Pebbles, it was one of the most fun things we did. We would take the "Girls" out for ice cream. We would take them in the convertible and all the little kids would come over and want to pet them. If they had any ice cream left on their faces, the dogs took that as an indication to give them a big kiss.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Oh my goodness! They are adorable!!!! ;o)
(Cookie and Jim) ;O)

Such a fabulous pic of Cookie in ice cream heaven.
The simple pleasures are the best eh Dagmar?

Have a wonderful sunny Okanagan week!