Daily News....Shane and Laurie

Shane and Laurie (Jim's daughter and son in law) sent us these photos of their recent trip to see Shane's family who live near the Tweed River on the Queensland and NSW border. They spent Anzac Day together (a really big deal in Australia).
Shane is from Australia and they have been back living and working in Australia for several years now..We just talked to them and they are being transferred to
Sri Lanka where Shane will do his work that he does for the Australian Federal Police.

Other news: Cookie enjoyed her 15th birthday yesterday, Cindy is happy with the new load of cow manure for her to follow....Shannon in back in Vancouver for a few weeks, Shirley is enjoying life on her boat, Frosso comes back from Cyprus at the end of May, Layne is in New York, Christa is enjoying her time in Mayook, and Jeremy & Julie leave with their students for a 10 day science field trip to Orlando, Florida tomorrow.
Off to vote and then off to work...have a happy day!!!
It takes a long time to grow an old friend.
John Leonard

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