Cindy (thank you darlin') sent me those photo of her lilacs in bloom.
Many years ago we went to my small home town of Bull River and dug up some of my Mom's lilacs. Every year around their wedding anniversary (May 24th) they bloom at Cindy's sweet is that? I also have some of those same lilacs but they aren't that mature to bloom at this time.

Raining here today, doing some work from home and then planning on sewing something new...stay tuned!!


hippo chick said...

I love the lilacs. And that they are your mom's is so much the sweeter. I have some dwarf iris that were Jim's grandmother's and they bring me such joy.

I am sooo busy and get a little taste of crafting from you each day. Thanks.

~hippo hugs~

Faye said...

Lilacs always remind me of growing up. Mom had several mature bushes that saturated our home and yard with the delightful spring scents.
How totally awesome that Cindy's bloom at such a perfect time.

Happy Day Lady said...

I love lilacs too :)
Lilacs, the sweet smell of lilacs
God bless your precious memory Dagmar
ahhhhhhh lilacs