Time with Jeremy

Jeremy taking me out for an early Mother's Day Brunch @ the Boathouse in Port Moody.
Being a great son and smiling when I continue to ask him to let me take his photo.

Shared plate of eggs benny with salmon.
When I arrived Friday night to Jeremy and Julie's home, we had a lovely visit and then went out for a Sushi dinner. The next day, Julie took the ferry over to Victoria to take her Mom out for an early Mother's Day as well.

Jeremy and I had a great day together. We checked out show homes to get ideas for their kitchen renovation that they plan to do this August. We drove from Port Coquitlam to White Rock/Surrey and saw some great concepts.

Phoned my Ya Ya Sue when we got to White Rock, but she wasn't home. She was out with her grandkids.

It was a great weekend to spend with my son.


A big PS!!!

Happy anniversary to Christa and Mike!


hippo chick said...

Jim went to Pennsylvania on Sunday to spend the day with his mom too. I think it's important for sons to have some time alone with their moms. Guess Julie does too. Jim and I have always done that. When my mom was alive, I used to go for two weekends a year...just the two of us.

Glad you had such a good time with your handsome son.

~hippo hugs~

Faye said...

Awww....Jeremy looks like such an awesome guy! How sweet of him to treat you out like that :)

Happy Day Lady said...

Very heartwarming Dagmar - I think it is SO special that both Jeremy and Julie planned ahead for special one on one Mom time. Jeremy has inherited a big heart!
I am so glad for you, time like that is breathtakingly priceless.
love blessings and hugs