Pinic time....Napa Style

I love this website Napa Style
Check it out for great picnic time stuff.....Just finishing off baking more bread, making bags for the bread, filling up the Market Bags and heading off to Physio...
Jim is almost finished the reno in the closet, that is the tile floor is in and he will grout it today. While I am away he will put the closet all back together and then we will decide what new components we want to put it's all good!!!
One more sleep, Cindy and I will be in Nelson with you!!!!
This quote is for you!
Winnie the Pooh

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Happy Day Lady said...

Hello! Hello! Wow! I've missed alot here at Studio D! Dagmr - your header is spectacular too! Looks like you are headed to Nelson - many blessings for a safe and happy, jolly, time! Thinking of you xo