Sisters on the Fly...

These wonderful Vintage Trailers belong to some of the members of

"Sisters on the Fly"

They all travel in these funky vintage fixed up trailers, and I have wanted one as well...

Jim, not so much...still working on that..

They all went to "The Farm Chicks Show" http://www.thefarmchicks.com/ in Spokane last weekend. How cool that must of looked with all these old trailers.

Cindy and I missed it this year, but next year we will be geared up and ready to go.

So if anyone out there knows of a great little vintage trailer that is for sale and is in reasonably in good shape, just let me know.


Nostalgia is a file that removes the rough edges from the good old days.

Doug Larson

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Sue said...

Oh too bad....we sold one a couple of years ago that was on my parents farm. It was identical to the first picture (minus the cowboy)...and it was in excellent shape...even I would have camped in it. Shall keep my eyes open.