Carmen and Brad's visit....

Look at these 2 gorgeous guys and the incredibly lovely Carmen. We will be so lucky to welcome her as Brad's wife August 15 this year!

Jim, his son Brad, Carmen and I having dinner at Quail's Gate Winery.
The dinner was one of the best we ever had out, maybe it was the company and the wonderful weather. It was warm all evening and we got to eat outside. The wine wasn't too bad either I must say.
We really enjoyed out time with them, but as usual it goes much too fast.
Winnie the Pooh


hippo chick said...

What a beautiful family. Love the "Pooh" quote too.

I think your weather in BC is much better than ours in Upstate NY.

~hippo hugs~

Happy Day Lady said...

Oh my , that quote brought me to tears - how very very lovely
celebrating the beautiful growing family you have
you all look so happy! Right on!
Continued many blessings

Sus said...

What a lovely looking pic of the 4 of must be excited...and Brad looks like he has dropped a few lbs since the last photo...go him. I also love the Pooh quote...xoxo