Forest Fire

Smoke still pouring over West Kelowna and 10,000 people evacuated. No one has been injured and so far they have lost only a few homes, Highway 97 is closed as well as the Connector to Vancouver. They were able to save Gorman’s Mill. All you can see from our deck is smoke and dead trees looking down the lake towards Peachland.

We are all ok, did not get evacuated last night but a new fire broke out above Bear Creek called Rose Valley, they are just starting with all the water bombers and helicopters, looks like we are in a MASH unit...
I am off today, and I think we will be ok if the wind does not flare was terrible yesterday. We are lucky because of where we live there aren’t many trees around the golf course.

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Faye said...

Wow....brings back memories of that last great fire in Kelowna! Praying this fire will be put out quickly before more disaster.