Snapshot 11

This is the online journal course I am taking from Teresa Mcfayden
Every M/W/F we get 2 pages of creative ideas to work on. This is the cover, inside cover and first page. 20 pages of water color paper to work with.
It is meant to challenge each one of us to get more creative in our journalling process and add more elements for just the fun of it all.
Some how, all this appeals to me on so many different levels.
Raining here today and we need it, Jim off at work, so Cookie and I are just hanging out and I get to play in my craft room.
Can a girl get any more lucky than that...I think Not!!
You are never to old to set another goal or dream a new dream.
C.S. Lewis

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Happy Day Lady said...

L O V E your new header!!! You keep out doing yourself! Had a great chat with Jim today while he was on route and he chuckled and said he was workin' and you were playin' at home! :O)
Good on ya' !!

Happy Times! xo