Lunch @ Quail's Gate

Jeremy and Julie arrived mid-morning. We got to catch up with each other and went to lunch at Old Vines restaurant @ Quail's Gate Winery. The lunch was wonderful.
Jeremy says that it always rains when he and Julie come here, but we sure needed this rain.!!
Shirley arrived for supper and it was a good evening just having different ideas discussed and debated. This morning the kids headed off to Grand Forks to see Jeremy's Dad, the they are off to Hawaii on Monday.
Jim is off to do a wine tour, Shirley and I will go do a wine tasting then off to Bliss in Peachland for lunch.
[love and friendship should always be kept close in your heart.]

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Happy Day Lady said...

Dagmar - I love to see the love and joy in you and your son's face.
just awesome
thank you as always for sharing