Travelling Day...#1

Left at 4:44 am and arrived at 6:08 pm travelling nearly 1200 km from Westbank, BC. to Jerome, Idaho, just outside Twin Falls. We saw wonderful fall colors and a ton of potatoes being hauled out of the fields and on there way to market.
Cookie did really well and slept most of the way. Jim and I shared the driving and we both were able to have a nap while the other drove. Tomorrow we are off early again, (but maybe not so early) and heading to Vegas. Hopefully I can take some interesting photos along the way and post them...Warm here tonight, 18.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Been watching the blog for news! thanks for the post - goodness! 4:44 am!! Yikes!
Get some sleep =D
God bless you with a safe journey - thanks for keeping us updated xo