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snowcottage carving

snowcottage carving
snowcottage carving

Cindy and I were so lucky years ago to meet Dave Francis in Castlegar BC.

We got to see him carve at his home. We knew him before he became a really well known carver of these wonderful Christmas Santa's.

I have about 10 of his carving back home in BC which I plan to bring them down here for next Christmas. Cindy has a great selection of his carvings as well.

Check out his website:

He will be in the 2010 issue N0v/Dec issue of Woodcarving Illustrated

We are so proud of you Dave for the wonderful carvings that you create! You keep the spirit of Christmas alive with your work.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Oh my , these are wonderful Dagmar! How neat that you actually "knew him when" and got to see him carve as well. Thank you for sharing! Happy Day!
Suzie :)