Woodland Christmas....

woodland santa
I made this Woodland Santa for Cindy several few years ago.
Jim cut the base and made the frame out of wood that I made a soft body for.
I was given Tim's Moms fur coat which I used to cover the body of the Santa.
I had some old horse bridle parts that were the right size for a belt.
Jeremy had lived in New Zealand with his dad when he was 12 for a year.
He brought me back a sheepskin rug which over the years it sort of fell apart....but it made the best beard and hair!
Over the years I have made at least 20, and they are all celebrating Christmas in wonderful homes!
Recycle, Re-Use, Re-Love!

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Happy Day Lady said...

Dagmar! You have shared some amazing things that you have made over the years - however this is something else again! This Santa shows so much of your creative talent - really outstanding!
Thanks for sharing and Merry HO HO HO week- 5 sleeps!!! :) Have fun!