As seen in Tuscon..

Yesterday, Jim and I drove to Tuscon. It was sunny and 71.
Not a bad way to spend one of the first days in January. We walked around 4th Ave. to look at some of the cool shops. We drove past to the plane bone yard (this is where all the planes from the US go to when they are no longer used). There are literally hundreds of moth balled planes sitting in these big open fields surrounded by high wire fences. A sight to see!

We then had lunch at El Charro. It has been a resturant there since 1922 and it is a great place to eat especially if you can sit in the courtyard. The serve some of the best Mexican food around in the Valley.

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hippo chick said...

Oh Dagmar,

I love this post. We had about 30 inches of snow over the last two and a half days. It's beautiful, but I'm tired of it already.

~hippo hugs~