Baby Alexander

Isn't he swell!

Shane and baby Alexander

Adorable baby Alex.

Laurie brought Alex home from the hospital yesterday and they are doing well. We talked to them in Australia today and Laurie sounded great.

Shane is a proud Dad and is able to take some time off to be with them at this special time. They were happy that Laurie's Mom made it in time for the birth as he arrived a week early. Shane's parents arrived today as well, but we will have to wait until they travel back to Sri Lanka. We will see him soon over a web-cam!


hippo chick said...


He is PERFECT! What a beautiful little baby. How does it feel to be grandparents??? Congratulations all around.

Happy Day Lady said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. An incredible miracle - blessings to you and the new Mom and Dad and adorable baby Alex! :)