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This is what the package I sent off to Rebecca for her ladies in Haiti was filled with. It was a wonderful feeling to send along some of the things that I had here in my craft space and to know they will be used and needed. In retun, I was humbled by the wonderful response from Rebecca. I had sent some of my felt hearts and this is what she had to say.
Thanks, Dagmar.
Got your package! Thank you!
I'm even thinking the Haitian ladies could make those felt hearts if you don't mind us 'borrowing' your idea :)
Am planning my next trip and so excited!
oh my goodness! i almost forgot to thank you for the beautiful necklace--i love it and will wear it often.
yes, just keep mentioning our efforts where you can. that's the biggest help right now.

much love,
So there you have it dear ones, please check out what is for sale on the Haiti By Hand website. Anything we can do will help. Their ETSY shop is just brimming with wonderful gifts for yourself or loved ones, and the money you spend will make a huge difference in some womens life.
Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.  
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Wonderful Dagmar!