a pottery barn visit


When you walk into Pottery Barn, the displays are set up so that you feel this could be your home. The theme right now is Farmhouse and Nest...How perfect for spring. Even here in the desert you see signs of spring all around you. The birds are up earlier and you see them carrying twigs to complete their nests. Soon they will be looking for food for thier young.
I hope that were ever you are reading this from, you see signs of spring in your part of the world.

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?
Rose Kennedy


hippo chick said...

You might often see me dancing to the music playing around me. That's my way of singing. I do delight in much in life, including your lovely posts.

~hippo hugs~

David Scott said...

Nice thoughts are expressed in Rhonda Byrne’s book, but perhaps that kind of positive thinking has actually added to the problems we are facing in these modern times. Look at this:

hippo chick said...

HUH??? Hey Dagmar, I'm starting to pack. Yahoo!