My Cindy...

Cindy and I met in  Cranbrook in 1977 and have been friends ever since.
We grew closer since 1999 when we moved to Nelson  which is where she and Tim live.
As you can see whenever we get together it is all about the food, wine and shopping for vintage things of all kinds.
Today I celebrate our freindship as Cindy will fly here a week today..
Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer.
Author Unknown

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Log Cabin Studio said...

A good friend,a glass of wine,and shopping
Life is good,have a great time together!!
Love C

Happy Day Lady said...

How lovely! So glad for you both - thank you for sharing your sunny joy - friendship such as yours is truly a treasure to celebrate. Happy Spring! Happy planning of your visit with Cindy!

hippo chick said...

My dear, dear friend, Linda will arrive next Wednesday for five days. The joy of this is that her husband and my Jim are good friends too. We are so looking forward to their visit.

~hippo hugs~