At Frosso's day 2-2

As Frosso and I walked around her neighbourhood we saw all kinds of little treasures around every block. This lovely little cat comes to visit every day and has a well established route. As you can see, she is well loved.

Driving back to Westbank was good, except for the 3 miles of thick in your face dense fog..that was scary. I could not see more than one foot ahead of my car as this was at the summit on the Coquaihalla Highway. Once it cleared away I definitely had a sigh of relief.
It is really cold here today and windy, a good day to stay inside and get things done.

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hippo chick said...

Glad you made it home safely. It has been sunny, but very cold and windy here too. Actually had some snow yesterday. Made me homesick for the desert.

~hippo hugs~