Do you see a bird theme here?

Antique flea market finds Mar 2010
needle book
needle book inside

Here are a few of the finds. Cindy left me the sweet little bird flower pot in the top left of the first picture. I bought the linen tea towel becasue it was the year my son Jeremy was born.
Good karma finding that!!! The triangler ruler made it into my basket as well.
Buttons have been a long time favourite but to find them on their cards was a delight!
Who wouldn't want this wonderful graphic photo of women sewing and to get all of these neddles..
I rest my case!!!
I really lucked out with these 2 old bird books from 1911 with colored bird paintings inside. More on these later.
Cindy will be back home in Nelson, enjoying the photos and the great memories we made together down here in AZ.

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hippo chick said...

Love the needles.

~hippo hugs~