Goodbye Cindy...

My Cindy leaves today to continue her holiday with a trip to Seattle to visit her cousins. I will be so sad to drive her to the airport this morning. We played dominos every day, and she whooped me soundly nearly every game. She is a very skilled and crafty player. The re-match will happen when I get to her home in Nelson in June.
We went antique shopping yesterday and spent another day just having fun and hanging out.
So my dear freind, it was a pleasure having you here with me.A big thanks to Jim who was so great about making sure that it was all about "US".

Cindy visit March 2010

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hippo chick said...

Did you bake the cupcakes yourself? I just bought a new cupcake book and am dying to bake some when I get home. The kitchen here isn't condusive to much baking.

I can see you gals had a wonderful time. Before you know it, you'll be back home again. For me, that is coming too soon.

We had a great time in San Diego. Pictures to follow.

~hippo hugs~