Goodbye Nanny...

Jeremy's Nanny passed away quietly yesterday just short of her 95th birthday. She lived a very good and healthy life and was very active in her church community.She loved and was loved.
 I am forever grateful that she was in my life all these years.
Here she is with my mom Carol in Bull River. They both became widows only a few months apart in 1994.
Here is to all the wonderful family memebers that have touched our lives and have passed on to their next life.
Barbara Brown   September 17- 1915  April 29 - 2010
Carol Leuenberger    September 11 - 1924 September 30 - 2000
United by married, these  2 lovely Grandmother's were so special to Jeremy.
My mom, Carol on left and Barbara on the right. Our old dog Sable in the background.
My Grandmother always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now her day was complete.
Marcy DeMaree

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hippo chick said...

What a wonderful tribute. My mother-in-law will be 96 in December. We are so blessed to have had her all these years, as you were with your dear ones.

What a wonderful tribute and so good that you could see her before she passed.

My condolences to you and to Jeremy.

~hippo hugs~