Salt Spring Island Trip...

We took the BC Ferry  over to Salt Spring Island where Jeremy's Nanny is. We got picked up at the Ferry terminal buy Strick, Jeremy's Uncle and when we got to the nursing home, Barb (Jeremy's Aunt) was there to greet us and bring us up to date on how Nanny is..
Nanny recognized Jeremy and myself and we spent about 45 minutes with her until she went to sleep.She is weak but still able to talk and ask a few questions.
Smokey the cat is a regular visitor to all the the patients beds and he was sleeping at Nanny's feet when we arrived and moved on just to check out someone else who he had to look after.
I loved the fact that the cat was allowed to be with the seniors that live there.
After a stopping at 3 Islands along the way back we got back to Vancouver.  It was great going thru the Gulf Islands, even though the Ferry ride took over 3 hours. Julie is still visiting her family in Victoria. Jeremy and I had Sushi for dinnern then stayed up until midnight watching the
Star Trek movie that I had not yet seen.
No rain here today, YET, and we are just heading out for a bit to eat. Off to stay with Frosso and have a look around the gardens in her neighbourhood.

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