Vintage Grafitti....

In 1968 when Marlene and I graduated high school,
my brother Heinz, Marlene (his wife of 40 years on June 20-2010)
and I went up into the hills of Bull River.
We found this big old rock and painted Grads 68 on it. We used this blue paint from the fish hatchery and as you can see, it held up well after all these years.
Marlene and Heinz took a drive last week, found the rock and took a photo.
What a great memeory that was !.
Thanks  to Marlene for sending this on to me.
grad 68


hippo chick said...

What fun! I am sitting on my porch with my crafting buddy, Heather, telling her all about you and what a talented woman you are. I'll admit the painting in '68 wasn't real professional. You've come a long way baby.

~hippo hugs~

Log Cabin Studio said...

Such Rebels,you and Mugs,I think this is on the way to the guest ranch....In the canyon..
Love your favorite youngest sister

Happy Day Lady said...

Oh my starry nights!!! this is incredible!! when one thinks about it !! that painted rock pic is 42 years old! that's some paint! and memory!! wowzers! so fun! thanks for shaing ! :)