Baby News....

You have already met our 6 month old Alexander attending his first Sri Lankan wedding with his Dad Shane and Mom Laurie.
We are also so happy to announce that my Jeremy and his wife Julie will be expecting their first long awaited baby in December. We are thrilled for them.
As well, my sister Caroline will become a grandmother as well a month before me, when her son Troy and his fiancee, Danelle have their baby in November.. How thrilling is this?
Sri Lankan wedding with his dad


hippo chick said...

Congratulations all around.

~hippo hugs~

Happy Day Lady said...

WOOOOOO!!!!HOOOOOO!!! Congratulations indeed! How wonderful and so happy for your family members Dagmar and and Jim!! The most passionate and fun loving grandparents around!!
Can you imagine getting to be your grandchild?! =) what a treat!!