Family, Log Cabin Studio and Dogs..

There are 7 of us kids, and we were all having a great dinner at my sister Evelyne and her husband Richard's place.
The only 2 missing were Steven and Werner.
Staying at Caroline and Larry's Log Cabin Studio was one of the highlights of my visit.
This is a wonderful 4 Star resort. The best thing about it is that the greeting committee is made up of several SPCA rescue dogs, such as  Panda and Hope. Cody is the official greeter.
Left to Right;
Evelyne, Harry and I in the back,
Center: Caroline
Front: Heinz
log cabin Studio
Home away from Home!
Panda, Cody and Hope
Top photo: Panda
Middle Photo: Cody
Bottom Photo: Hope

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hippo chick said...

I always enjoy hearing and seeing about your wonderful family. These are great pictures. Thanks for sharing.