Ratings for the Private B&B's on my trip to Bull River...

These are the ratings for the wonderful establishments on my visit to Nelson, Bull River and Mayook.

Since my visit to see the 3 "C's".." Cindy, Caroline and Christa,"
much has been written between the
" Sisterhood of the Chambermaids"
about my requests.
We have had so much fun bantering back and forth.
The rating are as follows (0ut of a possible 5 Stars) Michelin status

As is my custom when I drive to back to Bull River where I grew up, I enjoy the hospitality of these wonderful, private B&B's.
Reservations are made well in advance to give the hostess's time to shine and see to my every comfort.

Cindy's bunkie in Nelson:
My late arrival posed no problem with my dear friend Cindy.
"The Queen of Everything."
In her recently built and exquisitely furnished "Copa Bunkie"' she provided for all my creature comforts. Pleasing me to no end, my Cindy had landjager sausages in the fridge,cold beer, wine,humus,crackers,fruit and everything ready for my breakfast in the morning. She came for a welcome visit at 7:00 bringing a freshly brewed pot of coffee, a hug and plenty of news. Our only problem was my short stay. Normally we would of taken off for the day to go thrift shopping, lunch and generally having fun! Alas, not enough time was planned for.
The view over looking the lake, the sailboats gently bobbing in the water and the lovely friendship we have shared for so many years,Cindy has earned and is awarded the coveted
4 1/2 star rating.

Caroline's Log Cabin Studio in Bull River....
The drive from Nelson to "The Countess Caroline's" was warm and filled with wonderful scenery. I was able to have the top down in the convertible the entire way. With tunes blaring and my hair safely under a hat, the 4 hour trip sped by.
 As I drove into the yard, 2 SPCA rescued dogs (Panda and Hope) and one gifted dog, Cody, announced my arrival in a very excited fashion, as if to say
" your favorite sister from Westbank has arrived."
Hugs and kisses all around were given and into the beautiful Log Cabin Studio I was welcomed. Equipped with excellent indoor facilities as well as a fridge stocked for my pleasure, I unpacked and headed back outside to the big house.
Knowing that she needed to share me with the rest of my family, she let Evelyne invite the others for dinner so I could visit with them all.
Such a sweet deal!
Caroline cooked up great meals for the 3 nights that I stayed with her and Larry.
In the early morning light she give me some photography lessons in her garden.
It was filled with a blaze of colors, set out just like her painting, stylish and very artistic.
 For outstanding friendship and love for one of her favorite sisters, Caroline has earned and is awarded the coveted 4 1/2 star rating.

Christa and Dagmar
Heading off to Christa's place where she resides as the "Marquisa of Mayook",
I travelled at slower sped, mostly on a gravel road, winding thru the valley, past several small lakes, old farms and farmhouses.
Heading up the mountain, I came to her beautiful log home surrounded by 50 acres. The swimming pool was warmed to the perfect temperature for my swimming pleasure.
The house is situated on the property giving you a full view of the field slightly below and the mountains directly in front. A breathtaking panoramic view.
There were lots of hugs and a lot of joy and happiness to be able to see each other again.
Off to Kimberley we travelled in the mustang and had a true Bavarian lunch.
The highlight of the day ended by swimming in the pool after such a very hot day.
Dinner that night at my request was Grilled Kokanee Trout, veges, salad and fresh fruit for dessert. It  was delicous!
Sitting outside in the warm evening twilight was the perfect end to a wonderful day.
The next day we fly fished the Bull River. This had been on our bucket list for many years and as you know, no fish were captured that day, only a lasting memory.
For the love of a long lasting friendship, the wonderful times shared, and new memories made, my friend Christa has earned and is awarded the coveted 4 1/2 star rating.
Finishing off the trip was a fantastic overnight with my friend Shannon.
More on her lovely place tomorrow.

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hippo chick said...

WOW! I've really been away from reading blogs for a long time. What fun you have been having. I can't imagine Grizzlies in my back lot. Great pictures. I've enjoyed catching up with you.

~hippo hugs~