What's in your bag?

I saw this idea on Geninne's blog on July 17th.
 and I wanted to do it as well.
Here is what is in my bag most of the time.
This is the bag I bought at Walmart in the US for $5.00, then spent a couple of days stitching on the design.
My fingers got sore going thru the canvas, but it was fun and a great summer bag.
Embroirdered bag
Ipad, phone and reading glasses
Reading glasses, Ipod/Touch and Cell                
journal and stuff for purse

                                     Lipstick, gloss, SPF 50, journal/calender, Mt. Blanc Pen,
Case for my Ipod headphones.
etsy find
glasses case finished
Case I made covering a plastic one, making it look better.
Night time is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep.
Catherine O'Hara

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Winifred said...

Love the design. It's gorgeous. Worth the sore fingers definitely.