Cindy's visit..

We have been counting down the days until Cindy arrived here today. We treated each other for lunch at "Local Lounge and Grill" in Summerland. We drove to all the thrift stores and found some treasures that we could not live with out. Home for a glass of wine then dinner of BBQ steaks and grilled potatoes and veggies. Cindy brought 2 desserts, a butter tart square as well as my birthday cake. It was a heavenly tasting pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing....all without a calorie!

New pearls along with a gift basket filled with thoughtful and charming gifts...and it isn't even my birthday until next Monday. What a sweet friend she is.


Happy Day Lady said...

Happiest of "unbirthdays"! Dagmar! I love the Swiss - they celebrate birthdays for at least a week!! haha ;-)

hippo chick said...

You girls are so dear together. Isn't friendship wonderful?