Dog Rescue

Saw this sweet dog,"honey" running in the front of our home about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. I called out to her but she was too afraid to be caught. At 3:00 this morning she came back and I heard her whimpering downstairs, I got her in, fed her some tuna, put a mat down and she just woke up. She had a phone number on a coke collar with her name "Honey" and when we called her owner was thrilled. Some one had broken into their car and she ran away.. She hasn't made a sound and is sleeping on the couch beside Jim right now waiting for her human Mom to come get her.
I just love when dog story turns out so well.
Update: Jamie, her human mother came and picked her up. Honey nearly turned herself inside out trying to jump all over her owner. She was definately smiling! What a sweet dog and what a happy girl to get her dog back. Happy to report that Honey is all safe, sound and settling back into her routine.

Taken with my cell phone so the quality isn't the greatest but didn't want the moment to slip away.


Anonymous said...

What a great story...and a very nice ending for the dog and her owner. You are the best...xoxoS

Natasha Burns said...

oh she's beautiful! what a wonderful story, i am so happy to hear the happy ending!
your blog is looking great, by the way!

Happy Day Lady said...

Way to go Dagmar and Jim!! You were placed there as his angels - and what a wonderul ending - heartwarming...... YAY! =)