A gift for Natasha

I sent those handmade "Badge of Honor" brooch to Natasha Burnsas a thank you gift for helping me change the look of my blog. She loved it and here is what she said posted below the last photo.

To me the packaging is as important as the gift. I loved these quilt pieces that I had found months ago in Value Village in Vancouver. I pinned the brooch to the vintage doilies and wrapped them in the quilt piece and then they were ready to send off.

Hi Dagmar!
Thank you SO much for the fabulous package you sent me!!!
You really did spoil me, and you really shouldn't have… but I am so glad you did!
I love the brooch you made, it's gorgeous! Leroy my 6 year old son, has tried to take it, he loves that little bottle, lol!
Love the quilt piece and crochet pieces too, thank you!
That brooch is very handy, I needed one to hold a cardigan together that I bought this year, it has no buttons but I always want to close it over, and this will be just right for it!
thanks again,
Natasha xo

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