Rain in Vancouver


It has been raining all night and into this morning..however, it is all cosy and warm here inside Jeremy and Julie's home. Today will be a baby shopping day..
Jeremy will be BBQing a salmon for dinner tonight with fresh veggies. It is a good day already.
The rain has drenched the mock orange in their back yard..but still, it is much needed to fill up the reservoirs

Marcel Germain photo

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hippo chick said...

I'm afraid it's raining in Oregon too. It was so very rainy and foggy at Crater Lake that we didn't see anything. We had just this one day there. We might have waited around for awhile but they said it was to get worse as the day went on. Oh well, a good excuse to come back. I am so in love with the coast I absolutely must return.

As usual, I love your pictures. BTW, when is the baby due? Also, when do you leave for AZ?