Treats for my birthday.

Birthday update: starting my
on-line crafting class today..."Crafting My Best Life"....and Jim is taking me out to "Local" in favorite place.

I love celebrating birthday as the alternative is does not please me at thanks for all the love, the phone calls, the gifts and the friendships that I am blessed with.
Jim is taking me out for lunch which I know I am going to enjoy.

Cindy brought all kinds of wonderful treats for my birthday when she came on Tues. Here are is what was left of my pumpkin spice cake...

These lovely jams look like jewels in the sunshine. They will be coming with us to Arizona when we leave in 3 weeks. Such friends as Cindy are a true find. Thank you my dear friend for making my birthday week so special.

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Natasha Burns said...

Happy Birthday! we are only a few days apart, mine was last Thursday. Hello Virgo!!! Hope you had a great day!