View from the boat


Shirley took me out in her 42' queenship. We motored out to Kits Beach, dropped anchor, bobbed about for a bit then came into to the end of False Creek. The light was fantastic, the rain had stopped and the sun shone on the bridges and the buildings. Here are a few of the shots. I will post more of the market later on in the week.
Shirley captaining her boat..she let me take the wheel for quite awhile and it was a lovely evening. We had dinner aboard and watched the sun set thru the clouds. What a pleasure to have such an adventuresome friend who had this dream of owning and living aboard a boat since 1975. She has owned and live board this boat for 2 years and plans on enjoying it for many years to come.
Having a wonderful time with my caring and loving friend Frosso..she is off to Cyprus for 2 months...have a great trip Frosslini.
Heading back later on the morning to a very lonely husband (really) plus I have not not seen him since Wed.....too much rain to golf every day..I will be home soon.

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Natasha Burns said...

oh wow what a great boat! what fun!!