At home in AZ..

We really love our winter home here in is just the right size for us and company. We have a beautiful walled in garden at the back of our home as well as some lovely plantings in the front garden. We either ride our bikes or take the golf cart up to the pool..sometimes I walk the 1.5 miles..but carrying a wet beach towel home isn't too much get the picture!! Today is our first sort of overcast day..rained a fair bit last night but more sunny weather over the weekend. Many of our Canadian neighbors are returning this week so the invitations for happy hour will be filling up the calendar.



Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Hello Dagmar!
Oh my goodness what a beautiful wonder you love living in Arizona for 6 months out of the year LOL! Imagine swimming in the winter...I bet it beats shoveling snow up north :) A mile and a half is a nice walk and a good way to stay in shape...good for you! I hope your weather clears up so you can get outside and play. Enjoy your weekend. Maura :)

Happy Day Lady said...

Whoooot! Whooot! Looks sensational Dagmar! Here's to many many many happy hours this season for you and Jim. =)