Butte, Montana

This rough and tumble mining town has some of the most beautiful heritage building that they are restoring..Here are some of the sights we saw today.

Grande Coulee Dam..all the water behind it...was very full.

Dog riding on motorcycle with goggles and no helmet...taken thru truck window....

Need your laundry done..this one is for Christa who is forever doing laundry with all the company she has! Free laundry for a year....

Elevation engraved on a federal's high alright!

This is where I wanted to stay just for the is under renovation...

This is what this town is all about..mining and the wealth that came with it for some of the investors and heartache of the biggest mining disaster in the USA 168 miners died in 1917. We would like to come back and go on the walking tour of the historic district and of course shop for some antiques..thinking of you, Cindy.

A restored home..there are so many in need of restoration.

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