Goodbye Panda

Panda was one of Caroline and Larry's dogs..she was very well loved and cared for. She was 14 and was born with a shorter leg so she was stiff most of the time. Larry started giving all their dogs vitamins with a bit of ice cream and it was fun to see them all lined up to get this treat. This really helped her manage her stiffness.

I am sure she is in that special place where all the dogs go.....where they are all young again and pain free...playing, swimming, fetching balls and doing what they do best...sleeping!

It has been a tough year on our family and friends losing, Pebbles, Cookie, Callie, Shenia, Maddy and now Panda..

I took this photo of her enjoying the sunshine at her home in Bull River...and I am so glad that I have this lovely memory of her.

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Winifred said...

Bless her. What a lovely dog and a wonderful name. You miss them so much because they leave a big hole in your heart.