Here in Az.

Happy birthday Jimmy..

What a 3 day drive...great truck, comfortable seats, wonderful music...and the best part was that we arrived safely. 1705 miles....torrential rain...change of best laid plans..flash flood warning thru the Bryce canyon..rained so hard that the water had no where to go to. We didn't go to the Grand Canyon either as planned...another time when the weather is better.
We got home just after 3:00 pm to even more rain, hail and flooding....they closed I-17 (this was was the highway we drove) down in both directions because of the high winds and power lines that were down across the road. They even closed the Phoenix airport down for a couple of hours as the storm spawned 70 mile an hour winds..
Not a great trip to take a lot of photos, but here is what it looked like thru the inside of the truck. The good and safe driver..what a guy!

This is what it looked like looking thru the windshield as the rain was pouring so hard the wipers could not keep up.

The wipers trying to keep up.

Stop for breakfast..the food was really good and one of 2 times that we got a break from the weather..

Stop at the Glen Canyon Dam and is a marvelous engineering feat.

Also...a sweet happy birthday to our YA Ya Sue! We have ordered sunshine and great weather for your trip down here.

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Happy Day Lady said...

Hooray!Hoooray! Congratulations to the driver and navigator! ;-) Welcome to your stateside home!