While we are here in AZ..we rent a lot of movies from Netflix (it is now available in Canada as well). You set up a queue on your computer and they arrive within the next day or so. Yesterday we watched...Dear was a little gem. If you have time...get it and I hope you enjoy it as Jim and I did.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times said, "The filmmakers work close to the bone, finding emotional truth in hard, lonely lives . . . What eventually happens, while not entirely unpredictable, benefits from close observation, understated emotions, unspoken feelings, and the movie's tact . . . The bold long shot near the end of Dear Frankie allows the film to move straight as an arrow toward its emotional truth, without a single word or plot manipulation to distract us."

A quietly told film that--by casually tossing in a surprise here and a plot twist there--builds up to an ending that carries an intense emotional impact.

Go to and checkout what the critics say about any movie.

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