My reading List

The flight to the Maldives and to Sri Lanka is a long one..a short flight from Phoenix to LA..then 15 hours non stop from LA to Dubai..6 hours in Dubai then a 4 hour flight to Malle the capital of the Maldive Islands..then a 45 minute float plane flight gets us to our Island. I know we will be tired...BUT....we will get our jet lag all over with as we stay there for 8 days. We will be able to just relax, snorkel and swim in this tropical paradise. The next flight to Sri Lanka is only 1 1/2 hours and we will be in the same time zone..we wanted to be refreshed and relaxed when we see Alexander the first time.

Because of this long trip..I have downloaded some books to take along to read..although there are 600 entertainment channels on the Emerates we won't be bored and we are flying all night. Here a few of them. This was one of the reasons for buying my Ipad..lots of books to enjoy and no weight of lugging them around. I can download them anywhere in a matter of is a good thing.

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