Photoshop Lessons..

These are two of the lessons I am learning on my course from Kim Klassen

Both these photos used an overlay of textures. The top photo is one we download from Kim in our class and jazzed it up..the other is mine with a texture overlay. There is so much Photoshop can do..this is just the tip of the iceberg. I am loving this course and I think many of the 400 of us taking it online are amazed at what our wonderful teacher..Kim..from Rivers, Manitoba (pop 1100) is doing with photos and textures. The amazing part..she is showing us for FREE! Her videos are really clear and informative and her blog is amazing. If you have time...check her blog out.

Only one week left here before we head off on our adventure...I have finished one of the little scrapbooks I have made for Alexander and one more I am making for him to give to his Australian grandparents. Shane, Laurie and Alexander have to leave 2 days before we return here to go to a meeting in Canberra Australia...Alexander will have seen all his grandparents in 2 months. He is one lucky boy.

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