Skinny-mini adobe Photoshop course

Last night we had our neighbors Jeff and Kathy over for dinner to thank them for taking care of our home. They live here full time and when we are they keep a close eye on our place. It is such a gift to have friends like them..Jim did a wonderful job grilling the chicken to a fine turn.
Other news: the Canadians are arriving back here..the weather has finally moved into the high 80's instead of the high 90' traveling family have reached the Baja and Vegas..all is good. Caroline holds the fort in Bull River as

Countess Caroline of Bull River

This is one of the courses I am taking. Kim has been kind enough to offer this course free! I have wanted to learn more about my Adobe Photoshop ever since I got it a few years ago...and here is my chance..if you want to learn..just follow the links and sign up for free.
Later on some I will be posting some of the photos we are working on.

Kim Klassen Cafe skinny-mini

Kim Klassen Cafe

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